Cute little duckling and kitten fellows spend all their time cuddling


There are a lot of heart-warming videos on the internet of unlikely animal pairings, but this one will make even the strongest heart melt.This video doesn’t just have a cute duckling.

Additionally, it has a cuddly kitten.Cats hunt ducks in nature, but these two cannot be any closer.That is exactly what we mean when we say that.In a small glass bowl, the two infants squeezed together.

This ginger kitten was overflowing with affection for his fluffy companion, in contrast to some cats who despise being cuddled.The young cat embraced the duck as tightly as he could and gave the baby duck kisses.

The yellow duckling seemed content at first with her new cuddle buddy, but even the friendliest kitten is still just a kitten.The baby duck ran away when the kitten tried to get the duckling to play.

However, by returning to the kitten in the bowl, the duckling demonstrated that she was not a good friend in all weathers.This time, it appeared as though the kitten realized that the duckling was not a partner in sparring.

The kitten and duckling began to fall asleep as they cradled together in their glass bowl.The duckling tried to stay awake, but she fell asleep in the paws of her feline companion.

The exhausted duckling laid her head on her friend’s chest just as we thought the video couldn’t get any cuter.You must watch this video if you’re running low on cuteness.

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