An 80-year-old granny travels 600 miles each year with her horse and dog


Since 1972, Jane Dotchin, now 80-year-old woman, has been making the every year trek with her horse and pup.

From her house in Hexham, Northumberland, she travels 600 miles to Inverness, which takes about 7 weeks.

Diamond Dotchin’s 13-year-oldpackpony, was on the trek for the 4thyear.Additionally, she represents the fourth generation of Dotchin’s horses.

Dinky, a 10-year-old pup with deformed feet, cannot walk for extended periods of time.He does enjoy sitting in Diamond’s saddlebag and watching the world go by.

Dotchin carries whatever she requires with her and wears a patch over one eye.She has food, a tent, and other things she needs.She only worries about having to cross busy roads.

A few drivers aren’t thoughtful of ponies and don’t dial back.Precious stone might run into some unacceptable piece of the road assuming she gets terrified.

Dotchin is certain that she will be able to calm her pony down.Dotchin has trouble reading maps because of the eyepatch she wears.

She doesn’t even need a map because she knows the way by heart and follows the same route every year.

Dotchin also finds it enjoyable to follow the same path as she meets the same lovely and kind humans.She is aware that there will always be humans available to assist her in the event of an emergency.

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