When this kid came and sat down at the piano everybody thought he was joking, but when he started playing everyone was shocked


A boy of five years old entered a small theater and sat down at the piano.When the child appeared, the crowd gasped.

However, the boy confidently opened the lid and began playing Mozart’s most difficult piece without making a single mistake.

After the first few notes, many people in the audience started to whisper.They were aware that it was the Piano Sonata no.

1’s opening movement.sixteen in C major For an experienced musician, this is a difficult piece to play. „It’s a fantastic skill for a child to possess.“

Also consider how big his hands are.“After all, the piano is even harder for him to play than it is for an adult,” people said about Albert’s performance.

The boy’s performance video quickly became popular on the Internet.He was able to be identified by the public: Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani was raised by musicians and piano players in his family.

When he was three years old, he knew how to do it.Alberto already has a clear vision for his future.Music will consume the majority of a five-year-old’s life savings.

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