These tortoise and Dachshund face off in legendary football game


Even though tortoises aren’t famous for their athleticism, this tortoise didn’t let that stop it. The small amphibian was determined to join forces with a canine companion for a soccer (or football) match.

Despite the fact that this wonderful game took place in the backyard field of a residence in Antwerp, Belgium, it sounds like something out of a children’s book.

The tortoise Jaguar and the dachshund Marcel were the 2 contestants competing.

In this storied match, there appeared to be no goals and no referees. There is no reason to be afraid before you start worrying about your safety.

Jaguar was more enthusiastic than Marcel, but the two players wanted to play clean. Dribbling around the yard, the amphibian football star began with the ball.

Marcel was not going to be kind to his friend. He ran around and kicked the ball away while barking.

Jaguar did not give up in spite of the distinct difference in athletic ability. To keep his eyes on the ball, he twisted in tight circles while staying focused.

He more than made up for Jaguar’s lack of speed with drive.

The brave tortoise scurried across the ground on his short legs even as the ball flew across the field at breakneck speed. Jaguar was close behind the ball no matter where it went.

The relationship between these two is beyond compare. Even if you don’t like sports or play soccer, you’ll want to see how this impromptu soccer game ends because it’s so cute.

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