This mountain lion chained for 20 years in circus is eventually brought back to the forest


It’s good to see animals held captive being released into their natural environment. But no one likes to live their entire lives in captivity, whether we’re talking about people or animals.

A Mountain lion was recently released from a circus in Peru.

Mufasa was a Mountain Lion who had lived in a Peruvian circus for nearly two decades. Gratefully, the use of wild animals in circuses was outlawed by the Peruvian government.

Even though numerous circuses attempted to break the law, it took some time for the authorities to free all of the wild animals that were held captive.

The last wild animal to be released from a zoo was Mufasa. Animal Defenders International, or ADI, assisted the Peruvian police in safely removing Mufasa, the mountain lion.

After so much time in captivity, Mufasa was, regrettably, unable to roam freely in the wild.

As a result, the ADI decided to release the lion in a shelter in the Peruvian forest in a specially constructed enclosure in his natural habitat. Mufasa’s journey to freedom from captivity was long and stressful.

Before being rescued, the circus always kept Mufasa chained in a truck. The ADI began by placing the lion in a large cage and covering it with a large piece of black cloth.

Later, they transported the cage to the sanctuary in the Peruvian woods via truck. The group eventually arrived at a river that they had to cross after traveling for miles on dusty roads and mountain trails.

As a result, the group decided to move Mufasa into a smaller cage and transport him by boat across the river. Mufasa followed him around with inquisitive and terrified eyes the whole time.

They set the Mountain lion free in the specially designed enclosure once they got to the sanctuary. The lion was initially skeptic about the new environment that ADI had shifted him to.

However, to get used to the enclosure, he quickly made the decision to wander around.

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