This very smart and fast-thinking man rescues bald eagle from drowning


Normally, rafting would be a great way to see six bald eagles. However, as soon as the tidal bore came, it became a race against time to save one of the predators.

Five birds flew out of the water, but one stayed behind, as Emmet Blois of the Shuble River Wranglers observed. When one of the waves hit the lone eagle, he knew something was wrong.

Fighting the waves and their own fear, Emmet and his crew paddled into the water. She was attempting to hop up somewhat,“ said Emmet. “ Her feet appeared to be almost stuck in the sand.

They eventually brought the struggling eagle into their boat after following it into calmer waters. The frightened animal, on the other hand, was not pleased that she was safe.

When you rescue animals, one of the risks is that they might not be aware that you are trying to help. Emmet stated, „There were definitely some nerves in the beginning.“ Her talons were noticeable for their size.

While they were lifting Emmet into the boat, a bald eagle bit Emmet, but the rescuer didn’t let that stop him. He elaborated.

„She was just trying to protect herself.“ When she realized she was protected, her attitude changed totally.

Emmet held the stunned eagle in his arms for an hour.

The bird got the care she needed from him and his caring team, and after she got better, Emmet let her go back into the wild.

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