Dad gave his son whiskey for every birthday, but forbade him to drink it, until 28 years later, when he bought a house, and then the boy understood why


Pete Robson gave Matthew Robson a bottle of Macallan 18-year-old single malt for his first birthday in 1992. Matthew Robson is a Taunton, England, resident who is 28 years old.

Dad gave his son a bottle of whiskey on each birthday, but he wouldn’t let him open it. I used to get it as a birthday present every year from Matthew and Pete Robson.

I followed the instructions to never open them, even though I thought it odd. „That’s what I did,“ Matthew declares.

His father has spent approximately 5,000 pounds (500,000 rubles) on 28 of these bottles over the years, making it an annual tradition.

This is the ideal collection, according to a broker who specializes in rare whisky. This collection is currently valued at forty thousand pounds or nearly four million rubles.

The price of Macallan whisky has skyrocketed in the past ten years, and no one has ever seen a collection like this before.

Matthew made the decision to sell this collection so he could buy his first house without trying the whiskey.

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