21 years after dad sold his beloved car to pay for the kid’s education, they secretly buy it back


This is a tale of self-sacrifice and how, just when you least expect it, acts of generosity and love may come full circle.

In 1936, when he was just 16 years old, Stephanie’s adored father fixed his Ford automobile.

The automobile was his first prized property as a young guy. He was so very happy with it, in fact, that he entered it in other vehicle exhibitions around the nation and consistently brought home first prize.

However, Dad regrettably made the decision to sell the vehicle in 1993 after beginning a family.

He did it so he could pay for Stephanie’s seminary. Despite his heartbreak, he was prepared to give something up for his daughter.

Stephanie posted a video to YouTube stating, “My dad talked about this automobile for as long as I can remember, always claiming he would purchase it back if he could find it.

Finding her father’s 1936 Ford automobile was what Stephanie set out to do in 2013.

She started to share his ambition of recovering the automobile.

Then Stephanie and her family scrambled the money and came up with a covert plan after spending a few months looking into it, looking for it, tracing it down, and then arranging the purchase.

While they were doing it behind their husband’s back, Stephanie’s mother was always aware of it.

It is certainly a miracle from God that we were able to locate the automobile, secure the financing, and transport it without incident halfway across the United States.

21 years later, you may still cry when you see the expression of amazement on your father’s face.

A man crying with delight in front of his loved ones is so adorable to witness.

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