A two-year-old child rescued her mother


28-year-old Two-times mother of children Samantha Maizen became unwell and passed out all of a sudden.

She was in the kitchen with her two-year-old daughter, Sofia.

However, the infant maintained her composure and performed a task that not even most adults could manage under pressure.

A lock was on her mother’s smartphone, which she seized right away.

She handed the device to her mother and used her fingerprint to open it.

Sofia used a video link to call her grandma and explain what had occurred to her mother.

The grandmother was instructed to show her mother, and after seeing and evaluating the entire situation—she herself lives 250 kilometers distant from them—she promptly phoned the rescue agency.

Sofia and her younger brother, who was constantly sobbing as a result of what had happened, brought a blanket and a pillow and sat close to her mother the entire time the ambulance was travelling.

The woman was quickly rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered that her severe bowel illness had caused her to become dehydrated.

She is at home and has already fully healed. The boy and girl now remain at their mother’s side at all times.

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