Little horse neglected by his mother now lives as a family his best life with 3 doggy siblings
There are a couple of things more lovable than little ponies. They are known for their charming look and cordial and cheerful impulses. These little ponies
The kindest police department allows people to pay parking tickets by donating cat food to shelter
Muncie Animal Care and Services is a an animal shelter in Indiana. For a really long time, they have given creature reception and creature control administrations.
Street kitty is so excited to be in a house where she starts ‘Supervising’ everybody
A little cat was tracked down meandering external in isolation in a local location in Montreal, Canada. She was scarcely five weeks old without a mother
This adopted rescue kitten is enthusiastic and won’t stop cuddling and kissing his mommy
This cat was saved from streets and was really happy to find a loving mother for life. He showed his love and appreciation by giving her huge hugs and
The upset shelter dog gets adopted hours before he was set to be put to sleep
Just like children in orphanage, all the dogs in the shelters, want to go to family. But there are cases when it’s a life or death issue.
The loving grandpa builds a cart to take his weak senior dog on a walk every day
This story will leave your with tears and heart full of love. Tonino lives in Italy and he simply loves Dylan his pup. He is 13 years old and he lived
This wonderful golden doggie shows how proud he is of his stick collection to his daddy
This is Bruce, he is 4 years old and lately, he became a stick collector. This boy is so enthusiastic about the sticks that he collects and he loves each
Funny pictures of kidnappers – pets
We always love to watch the antics of animals. Cats with huge eyes, dogs doing something stupid, or wild monkeys taking people’s glasses away –
The accountant went to the shelter for a dog that had no chance of getting in, and ended up taking 10 dogs and a pig
Anyone can create a mini-home shelter – even Steve Greig, an accountant from Denver, who had no experience as a pet volunteer, managed to do this.
A mother breastfeeds her baby in a restaurant, a stranger asks her to
Breastfeeding in public is a constantly discussed topic in society. Most mothers make this gesture, which is sometimes inevitable, but the question of