When a fourth-grader performs “Imagine” during a talent show, everyone is moved to tears at the end
Adam, who was in the fourth grade at the time, performed in Minnesota’s Lakeside School’s tiny talent show in May 2018. He and his fam had
Cher sobbed as Adam Lambert sang her song “Believe” to her. He touched all of us with his voice
As seen by this performance, Adam Lambert’s career appears to be just getting started. Lambert participated and came in second place in the eighth
They come to sing at a special Christmas gala and seduce everyone with great talent
You can start the day in a cheerful mood by listening to some music in the morning! There’s nothing better than to make you happy.
The people on the street were amazed by this adorable young girl’s voice
Many of us enjoy curling up with a cozy beverage and a blanket to watch a show, watch a movie, or just listen to music during this time of year.
Well known actor Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreated the popular giant piano scene from the “Big” movie
One of the hardest things in the world is playing the piano. You need to put in a lot of practice, act like a professional, and play with all your heart.
Very famous and talented music group Pentatonix performs megahit ‘Last Christmas’ in their own style
“Pentatonix” has produced exceptional instrumental-free acapella versions of well-known holiday songs. This time, the group collaborates with Hikakin &
Magical Bocelli family lights up the people’ hearts through internet with their voices
Singing was nothing more than a family affair for Andrea Bocelli. His voice could not be described by any adjective. Andrea Bocelli, on the other hand
The singer began singing the famous song “You raise me up”, but when 200 kids joined him it turned into a magic
An essay I wrote recently focused on a lovely rendition of one of my all-time favorite inspirational songs, “You Raise Me Up.”
Here listen to the epic rendition of the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
Anyone who has listened to the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” will know how much they love it. The fact that Tim Foust and Peter Hollens
Grammy winner’s song “What You Wanna Say” is about being courageous and saying what’s on your mind leaves Twitter because of Elon Musk
Grammy-winning musician Sara Bareilles has lost her mind and stated that Elon Musk will take over Twitter.The song “Brave” by Sarah is a huge hit.