Tiny three pups are overly nervous to let the sanctuary saviors near them
When they answered to a phone call about a pup nervously entering and exiting a drain pipe as vehicles passed her on the side of the street, rescue workers
This kind man sees and rescues the homeless dog with head stuck in potato chips bag
In the snow, a puppy was observed walking with a chips bag stuck on his head.He was in a very risky situation there because he can easily suffocate.
Elderly dog is so upset she is not even able to keep her head up after her family left her all alone
We are heroes to our puppies.They love us will everything that is in them and we couldn’t possibly step out of line in their eyes.
Poor newborn pup was dumped on the street, sobbing – Still finds it hard to trust people
Any animal rescue story is enough to tug at your heartstrings, but this little guy’s story is truly one of a kind. According to news, this sweetheart
In order to somehow satisfy his hunger, the little pup went through the garbage cans
A metal garbage can had a small, lonely, unwanted puppy lying next to it.Fortunately, one person contacted the shelter and requested that the volunteers arrive.
This poor chow chow wandered the snowy streets for over a month in searches of the owner
That December evening this girl first heard howling, then barking, which turned into a squeal .She ran out right away and saw a pack of stray dogs that
This defenseless little pup wandered around the construction area, crying from hunger
The woman heard a quiet whining from behind the fence as she passed a construction site where work had not been done in a while.She noticed a puppy on
Mother dog was crying out for help as she was so tired and couldn’t look after her babies
As she was too weak to feed her pups, this poor dog begged people to assist her and her offspring.Three pups were born to this dog’
For almost a month, people just took pictures of this husky lying at the bus stop and passed by
Numerous letters were sent to me regarding this dog.Every person who wrote asked for assistance, to take him to a doctor, and to remove him from the street.
A harsh betrayal caught on cameras: How a girl threw little puppy on the street all alone
Twilight.The red-clad woman exits the vehicle, retrieves a small dog, and holds it in her arms.She still seems to be carrying it gently and with love in