Cute and emotional time, sad mother comes running to kiss her pup as the little one gets adopted
When we choose to adopt a dog from a savior center or rescue organization, we are doing a brilliant thing for homeless animals all over the world.
This office workers find out a sneaky kitten has been spying on them
Kitten are called to be sneaky and we all know that perfectly well. This fact became obvious in one Japanese offices, where the employees found out that
Little cat gets help to fix his chest and gives back the favor by helping other kittens in need
Sky the little cat was tracked down meandering the roads of Los Angeles with a jawline injury. Stray Feline Salvage brought him into their consideration
This dog starved and froze for months without leaving her five puppies hungry, she is a hero mother
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Video. Baby elephant gets stuck in hole. People did everything to save him
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Girl’s new rescue doggie is so full of energy but when she sings a lullaby, and it starts working
This video of a babygirl singing to her pup to sleep went viral. her mother posted it on her page and commented it as ‘ And that’
The upset shelter dog gets adopted hours before he was set to be put to sleep
Just like children in orphanage, all the dogs in the shelters, want to go to family. But there are cases when it’s a life or death issue.
The loving grandpa builds a cart to take his weak senior dog on a walk every day
This story will leave your with tears and heart full of love. Tonino lives in Italy and he simply loves Dylan his pup. He is 13 years old and he lived
Funny pictures of kidnappers – pets
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