The strangers reunite cute dog with her military family after being 3 years apart from them
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Poor little puppy whose tail was cut off with scissors finally finds a loving forever family
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Canine saved from fights is now a hero being a fire detection pup
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This dog that fell off the boat found alive days after swimming six miles to shore
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Funny pictures of kidnappers – pets
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The woman does not want to return the rescued dog to the former owner because he abandoned him
One day Latvian Irma Petraskine was walking along the banks of the Daugava in the evening when she suddenly noticed a puppy lying on the bank.
The accountant went to the shelter for a dog that had no chance of getting in, and ended up taking 10 dogs and a pig
Anyone can create a mini-home shelter – even Steve Greig, an accountant from Denver, who had no experience as a pet volunteer, managed to do this.
Man rescues dog to save her from death, then discovers he saved the lives of seven dogs
This sad story with a happy ending happened in the USA. The dog ended up in an unlimited animal shelter. Under state law, these shelters give the animal