Unique cream-colored bear baby was seen playing with black bear mommy
Arthur De Jong, a manager of environmental planning, took video and photos of two bears while he was in British Columbia, Canada, and they left him and
These brown bear orphans adopt each other as sisters and live happily together
Bears can be a major concern for anyone who has ever gone camping or hiking.These mammals, on the other hand, are cuddly animals when they aren’
On Thanksgiving day this orphaned Kodiak bear enjoys warm hugs and pumpkins
Jim and Susan ran the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, a sanctuary for stray animals.With the help of a few volunteers, the couple has
A man rescues a bear baby: the next day the mom bear comes to him with a gratitude gift
A bear cub that had fallen into the river was discovered by a fisherman in the early morning hours of the summer of 1984.The current carried him along.
Unique pictures show wonderful friendship of a bear and a wolf in wild nature
Lassi wildlife photographer figured out how to take contacting photos in the wild. The couple of the most ferocious predators found in European forests
A kind photographer rescued a dying baby bear risking his life and freedom
Photographer Corey Hancock was taking a leisurely stroll in search of inspiration along a path through the forest. He suddenly saw a strange, dark spot
Mama bear brought his baby to a girl so that she could heal his paw
This incident occurred during the summer.The air was crisp and warm outside.People were awakened by the birds’ wonderful singing as they woke up early.
He took this bear baby from the zoo and raised him as his own son: so what happened next?
The baby bear had nothing to eat when the zookeeper brought it to him.He was cared for and raised by Casey Anderson almost like his own son. The man didn’
Unique pictures show wonderful fellowship of a bear and a wolf in wild nature of Finland
In the north of Finland the photographer Lassy, caught some touching pictures. Two of the most fabulous predators found in European forests form an unbelievable
Wonderful moment of a bear bathing with a toy captured by the hidden camera… They are sooo cute
An abandoned bear named Tamarack.Due to the severe burns to his hands, the animals had to be saved from the wild world.His hands had been damaged by the fire.