Cute blind cat is not even a little happy about his new baby sister
Cats especially struggle when they go from being the only child to having older siblings. Melvin, the blind cat, especially benefited from this.
18-tear-old blind Dachshund was deserted at sanctuary, clung to first person who gave her love
Muneca, a blind Dachshund who was 18-years-old and was abandoned at an animal shelter, leaving her alone and scared. She no longer had a home, her vision
The aged dog who “never knew love” eventually feels safe during slow dance with new mommy
As Julie adopted Beanie, an old dog who was blind and deaf, she knew that she would need to give Beanie some attention to settle in. Beanie was rescued from a “
The owners took a blind and deaf pup to the vet to put to sleep, but he says no
Aster Rose’s owners immediately took her to the veterinarian and advised them to put her down when they first realized she was blind and deaf.
This poor chow chow wandered the snowy streets for over a month in searches of the owner
That December evening this girl first heard howling, then barking, which turned into a squeal .She ran out right away and saw a pack of stray dogs that
This is Ploy, a blind elephant who was saved after serving as a tourist attraction for long years, now her life has fully changed
This poor blind elephant that served as a tourist attraction for several years now is finally free, thanks to the elephants savior company.