Funny Christmas cats that will make you fall from laughter
Due to its hilarity and cuteness, a humorous video about cat failures during Christmas has recently gained popularity. Sharing your daily experiences with
Adorable 75-year-old granddad volunteers and sleeps with felines at sanctuary every day for over 6 months
An angel arrived at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, six months ago, posing as a 75-year-old man named Terry. Terry, a man who adores
Cute blind cat is not even a little happy about his new baby sister
Cats especially struggle when they go from being the only child to having older siblings. Melvin, the blind cat, especially benefited from this.
The skilled pianist plays healing music for aging cats and they enjoy the process
Most humans think that only people enjoy music and other fine arts.However, this cat pianist demonstrated that cats share our love for mellow music. If you’
The lovable rescued cat helps other cats in recovering at the hospital
Meet the wonderful cat named Snusnu.The adorable kitten now goes above and beyond to support the recovery of other cats who come to the clinic.
For living in a house with several cats, the parrot learned how to «talk» just like a cat
Nobody hides the fact that parrots can communicate.However, this types of bird is able to flawlessly master animal “languages”
To continue living in a home with kitties, the parrot learned to «talk» like them
Nobody is surprised that some birds as parrots can communicate. However, additionally to personal speech, this species of bird can flawlessly learn animal “
According to new law only rescue dogs and cats are allowed to be sold at California pet stores
Pet retailers in the state are not generally permitted to sell doggies, little cats, or hares starting from business raisers as of January 1.
Little cat gets help to fix his chest and gives back the favor by helping other kittens in need
Sky the little cat was tracked down meandering the roads of Los Angeles with a jawline injury. Stray Feline Salvage brought him into their consideration
Street cat sneaks into a nursing home, gets her dream employment and a forever home
The healthcare centers should before opening and starting to work are to choose the best stuff. They should find the ones who are really caring and want to work.