The kindest police department allows people to pay parking tickets by donating cat food to shelter
Muncie Animal Care and Services is a an animal shelter in Indiana. For a really long time, they have given creature reception and creature control administrations.
Funny pictures of kidnappers – pets
We always love to watch the antics of animals. Cats with huge eyes, dogs doing something stupid, or wild monkeys taking people’s glasses away –
The accountant went to the shelter for a dog that had no chance of getting in, and ended up taking 10 dogs and a pig
Anyone can create a mini-home shelter – even Steve Greig, an accountant from Denver, who had no experience as a pet volunteer, managed to do this.
Cat with dreadlocks: social workers rescued a cat dragging meter-long strands behind him
This cat, named Heidi, lived with his owner in his own house for a long time. He was very unsociable and did not like to be caressed. He always hid in
The head of this poor cat was stuck in a bottle and he could not eat or drink, but at the last moment a miracle happened
Locked in a plastic bottle, the cat could no longer drink or eat and could have died if passers-by hadn’t noticed him. Our waste is costly to wildlife
Three kitten brothers endured hardships together and became the most touching example of brotherly friendship
Three kittens are found near the barn by a kind woman. They helped each other through hardships and have been inseparable ever since. Mel from Montreal
This adventurous cat walks into a store and sleeps instead of looking for food
It is no longer news for us to see cats in the store, everyone knows that they feel very good there. Cats are used to staying where they are comfortable.
Cat George who goes on a solo adventure on trains and buses and then returns home
Owners often worry when their beloved pet disappears from home. But that’s okay for this tabby cat named George. He is very fond of adventure in Scotland.
Stray dog found at gas station sleeps in bed for the first time and can’t believe his eyes
The life of stray dogs is very hard and in most cases they have to live alone until someone decides to help them. In Ukraine, there is Love Furry Friends
Sad cat was returned to the shelter three times for unknown reasons
The heart of this poor cat was broken for the third time, and each time he thought that this would be the last and was enchanted. Unfortunately, not all