These two rottweilers rescue family horse from gang of men in the middle of the night
As guard dogs, Rottweilers are well known and popular.Rottweiler pups have been used to guard cattle herds, particularly in the past.because they are very good at it.
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Contrary to lots of people, pups can be devoted and loyal fellows.They usually forget that patio pets don’t need as much care as thoroughbred paps and felines.
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The Costa Rican Territorio de Zaguates was established by Lya Battle.It was heaven on earth for dogs and a no-kill shelter.Lya Saumet and Alvaro Saumet
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Some dogs form connections that are so powerful that they cannot be departed.Dogs who are pair bonded have a strong connection with each other and can’
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One of the daycare centers in South Korea takes in baby pups up to 12-week-old. It is ideal for pup handlers who are employed all day; Even when they are