This blind and deaf sanctuary dog thought nobody would ever love him, until he met his new family
Puppies with special needs can be difficult to adopt.But Randi Snarr and her partner knew they wanted Petey, the blind and deaf foster dog, in their lives
These three girl elephants form their small family after being saved
It is common knowledge that one of the main causes of elephant abuse is tourism.Luckily, there are elephants like Kabu, Chana and Ploythong who can track
The wife abandoned her husband with the newborn baby so he became the best dad ever
Richard used to be the head of a small family that included a wife and a daughter who had just been born.And all of a sudden, nothing was the same.
A kind husky saves little kitten and she grows up to be ringleader of the whole family
This kitten is her own dog family.The pups and Rosie, the feline, enjoy going out for wonderful walks.Because the canines go after Rosie wherever she goes
This woman finds her fascinating match and adopts an amazing 11-year-old senior pup
The main character in this tale is a 100-year-old woman.She made the very noble and responsible decision to act.Additionally, this step involves adopting
Abandoned baby squirrel meets motherly pit bull and gets her as his own mother
Mother child connection is one of the world’s most wonderful things. No matter if they’re connected by own choice or genetics;
Courageous pup gave his life to save the family from a poisonous snake
Very often dogs are called to be human’s best friend, and it’s not without reason. This family had their own experience to confirm this.
13 years ago five kids were born at the same time but they don’t even look alike now…
The Artamkin family experienced a real miracle approximately thirteen years ago.Five children were born to the couple, all of whom were girls.
Meet one of the youngest mom in the world: Only at 11, this girl gave birth to her first baby
Our story today is about Kordesa Eliazkovu, one of the world’s youngest mothers. Cordesa was just 11 years old in 2009!She once got to know a 19-year-old
Five foxes got saved. One of them stayed in the family and was raised by dogs
A farmer discovered five small, fluffy lumps in his barn in the spring of the previous year.He initially mistook it for a pregnant cat that had abandoned its young.