Meet Shar-Pei and an infant foal horsing around in pasture create a quick friendship
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This lovely horse spends 15 years on daily walks along the same route that her late person used to ride her on
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These two rottweilers rescue family horse from gang of men in the middle of the night
As guard dogs, Rottweilers are well known and popular.Rottweiler pups have been used to guard cattle herds, particularly in the past.because they are very good at it.
An 80-year-old granny travels 600 miles each year with her horse and dog
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Creative and funny horse pretends to be dead when people try to ride him, and he is so good at it, definitely deserves an Oscar
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An owl steals hobby horse and flies with it around the neighborhood like witch on a broomstick
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Cute white-tail deer cub finds a loving mother in a caring mare
Everybody accepts kids ought to be encircled by affection, warmth, and care.This rule applies to both adults and young animals. Humans were not the only
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