Wonderful cat is so cheerful she got adopted that she brings slippers to her owner almost every morning
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Meet Mart, the winner of “Got Talent,” who performs the marvelous “Unchained Melody.”
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This dog starved and froze for months without leaving her five puppies hungry, she is a hero mother
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Little husky grows up with her baby sister and they do everything together even create their own language in the crib
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Pup with broken leg feels the woman is here to help, so he jumps into her arms
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Wonderful mother dog chases after truck with her saved babies
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Creative pizza shop decides to put photos of shelter dogs on pizza boxes to help them find home
Every year, around 1.5 million asylum creatures are euthanized in the United States, essentially on the grounds that havens are excessively full and there aren’
Little kitten born in the street grows up clinging to her people so she won’t be alone again
Uno, a weakened calico, was brought into the world outside to a wild feline. She was isolated from her mom too soon and wound up dismissed and needing salvage.