Without any doubts, the pup went into the gully, found and saved the little helpless kitty
It was believed that the steepness of the valley made it impossible for the dog to escape when it was discovered. They sought assistance by calling the
Kind hearted lady finds and saves deserted dog inside disused bus on an extremely hot day
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Poor newborn pup was dumped on the street, sobbing – Still finds it hard to trust people
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A man buried in snow films rescue dog rescuing him while training session, and it’s amazing
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It was a shock, that the shelter thanked the owner who left the pup on the street
The owner of the abandoned dog they found next to the door was thanked by Sweet Home Doberman Rescue, California Animal Rescue. The workers discovered
The lovable rescued cat helps other cats in recovering at the hospital
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“Poor one was not able to bark or move”: a fisherman rescued a canine drowning in a swamp
Everything around us is undergoing rapid change as the world continues to change.Despite the fact that people are more aggressive than they were in the
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The farmer rescued not quite usual baby kitties on his plot
A farmer once found 4 tiny kitties on the site of an old cattle station while touring the territory of his plot in the Trans-Baikal Territory.
This poor old dog was walking and wasn’t touching anyone, unexpectedly «pop» and he fell on the snow
The elderly pup had wandered the streets for most of his existance.He lately discovered a spot where he spent the majority of his time. The pooch heard a “