The woman does not want to return the rescued dog to the former owner because he abandoned him
One day Latvian Irma Petraskine was walking along the banks of the Daugava in the evening when she suddenly noticed a puppy lying on the bank.
Cat with dreadlocks: social workers rescued a cat dragging meter-long strands behind him
This cat, named Heidi, lived with his owner in his own house for a long time. He was very unsociable and did not like to be caressed. He always hid in
This dog was abandoned because of his “ugly” face, but look how he changed when he got to a new family
Meet Bo Tox, a Labrador Retriever who was born with a muzzle defect that prevented him from having a normal relationship with his owner for the rest of his life.
12 years together: they endured terrible trials while being held hostage by a “loving” owner
This is one of the most horrific cases in history rescued by NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. This poor dog named Buddy couldn’t bear the pain.
The head of this poor cat was stuck in a bottle and he could not eat or drink, but at the last moment a miracle happened
Locked in a plastic bottle, the cat could no longer drink or eat and could have died if passers-by hadn’t noticed him. Our waste is costly to wildlife
The story of the rescue of a puppy whose fate threatened death twice
One day, two road workers went down to the creek bridge in Sidewell, Kentucky, to inspect the site of future work. Their attention was immediately attracted
The wife saved the crow cubs, and when trouble happened to her son, the mother of the crow paid off the debt
A few years ago, a woman named Ann Edwards spotted a live crow in a garden near her home. She heard some strange sounds and ran into the garden to find
Victim puppy abandoned on highway gets sign to remind him he’s worth it
One day a man on the road found a bundle wrapped in a blanket. It turned out that this is a dog that was in such a bad condition that it could not be because of this!
Abandoned dog after amputation walks again with four prostheses
The prostheses were installed on the legs and arms of a dog named Monika after the operation. When this poor dog was found, he was alone and needed urgent surgery.
Two puppies attacked by a wild animal survived thanks to caring rescuers
This incident took place in India. Both dogs were attacked by an unknown wild animal. But now they survive and fight for their lives. Both puppies tried