This student breaks down at graduation as his mother and father didn’t bother to show up
On his big day, a recently graduated student wept because his parents had let him down by not being there.Jeric Rivas was not abandoned by God like his family was.
An ill dying pup was taken to the sea, and she enjoyed life until her last breath
This story is about a rescued dog named Noah who was alone on a rainy day wandering the streets of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico!She was unfortunately passed
Elderly dog is so upset she is not even able to keep her head up after her family left her all alone
We are heroes to our puppies.They love us will everything that is in them and we couldn’t possibly step out of line in their eyes.
Poor newborn pup was dumped on the street, sobbing – Still finds it hard to trust people
Any animal rescue story is enough to tug at your heartstrings, but this little guy’s story is truly one of a kind. According to news, this sweetheart
A lady notices this dog endlessly staring at the sea
The girl and her family were walking along the beach when they came across a dog sitting on the shore and staring at the water intently.
For almost a month, people just took pictures of this husky lying at the bus stop and passed by
Numerous letters were sent to me regarding this dog.Every person who wrote asked for assistance, to take him to a doctor, and to remove him from the street.
At the age of 35 the world’s oldest male panda passes away, RIP dear An An
When an animal dies it’s very sad for everyone especially the ones who have raised them up. So lately we got the information that An An the oldest
The hospital’s friendly staff let the dying woman say goodbye to her beloved pup and horse
Bidding farewell is really difficult, particularly when it involves closest mates. Jan Holman adores animals. She had to abandon the animals she adored
Meet Wall-E the dog who is sadly brought back Tօ shelter with all his tօys and everything
Wall-E, the adorable dog, was first adopted in 2015. However, the incredibly cute labrador was abandoned at a rescue shelter by his adoptive parents, who
A young girl noticed a pup that was staring at the ocean
While strolling down the beach, the girl and her family discovered a dog sitting on the sand and staring out at the ocean. The dog did it for a purpose