This sanctuary dog rescues best friend hours before euthanasia after their hug goes viral
The shelter dogs Kala and Keira, who were scheduled to be put down on Monday, demonstrated that love is the most effective means of preserving a life.
Volunteers locate and save a missing pup who fell off cliff, reunite her with beloved owner
When a dog goes missing, especially in the middle of nowhere, it breaks my heart. You are left wondering if your beloved pet is safe and alive because
This orphaned Kangaroo will not stop hugging the lady who saved him
She kept an eye on the roadside as Teesh Foy raced through the Perth suburbs in Australia. She had been informed that someone was in trouble by her father
Seemed like he was stuck in a hole but actually he climbed in to bury himself
Animal Help was contacted by a passing motorist regarding a roofless pup that was stuck in a hole. They were awestruck when the saviors came.
During their vacation, the young kids save a newborn beluga whale washed up on the riverbank
Two boys saw a newborn beluga whale washed ashore while on a family vacation in Canada on the St. Lawrence River. Nicholas Milliard, 15, described how
This blind and deaf dog whom nobody wanted now takes care of every ill foster pet his human brings home
Sherio hasn’t always been kind to him, but that hasn’t made him cynical or cruel. Instead, this adorable pup has decided to assist other foster
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Bo, a stray dog who had been abandoned by his previous owners and just wanted to be loved, was found by Faith at Street Dog Rescue.However, this did not
This man’s told that he has 5 years left to live, so he goes to a sanctuary and asks for a middle-aged dog
The story of Eric and Peety which was told by Mutual Rescue (a emblem of Humane Society Silicon Valley). Eric’s physician estimated that he had 5
Aged sick man noticed a huge difference after reuniting with his wonderful dog
James Wathen, a 73 years old man, is a patient with terminal sickness at Baptist Health Corbin in Corbin, Kentucky. Because of his poor physical condition
This dog was rummaging in the garbage appears she actually found a small puppy in there!
This week, as a police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, was going out from his house to run some errands, he noticed something rather typical: a pup