This lady who could stop time: what Miss Universe 1965 looks like today at the age of 74
Apasra Hongsakula, 74, is one of Thailand’s most well-known figures. She won her first crown at the championship of the beauties of the university
Home plants dance in wonderful timelapse
Many people don’t think plants can breathe and live like humans.However, regardless of the time of day or night, plants move their leaves in a variety
You will never believe your eyes when you see what this guy and girl have in common
Abby is the name of the kid in the picture.As soon as she was born, doctors informed her parents that she had a complicated form of leukemia.
This is Scrappy, the black cat who grew a rare marble furr due to his skin condition
You will notice right away that Scrappy the kitten is not your typical kitty upon 1st sight. His spotted, furr like marble is a consequence of an intriguing
Dog acts in an odd way and ends up rescuing his owner’s life: “She was attempting to say something”
Nowadays, it is without a doubt due to his animal.The dog was found a cancerous tumor on her chest.A pup shows unusual character and rescues its owner’
This is Earl, the sweet little lamb who looks like a panda bear
There are some animals that are just too cute the way they are.Anything from kittens to cats to squirrels to rabbits. They are adorable on their own.
In Australia the vets save a unique golden possum looking just like a pikachu
Pikachu is a very famous, loved and wonderful persona from the well-known franchise Pokémon. In Pokémon, wonderful tiny creatures known as Pokémon (comes
Abandoned baby squirrel meets motherly pit bull and gets her as his own mother
Mother child connection is one of the world’s most wonderful things. No matter if they’re connected by own choice or genetics;
A student is planning to adopt a baby kitty: but instead brings home a 12-year-old cat
Paul, a student, believed that adopting a cat would be the best choice.Because feline are typically unassuming animals, I wanted one.They have a lot of
Italian sailors caught a shark and rushed to release it, as its head was like from another body
The shark was brought to deck by the Italian sailors, who used the nets.The majority of the team members demanded that the animal be returned to the water