Grandma playing a guitar performs the famous song “You Are My Sunshine” for her sleepy dog and backup vocalist little cat
All is well with the world when a sweet little girl with an angelic voice sings “You Are My Sunshine” while strumming her guitar.
Meet Betty Reid Soskin, eldest park ranger in the US, retires at 100 years old
After more than fifteen years of sharing her life stories, including those from World War II, at Rosie the Riveter/ HomeFront National Historic Parkin
There are times, that all we need to heal our hearts is a good song like this one by Reba
It’s important to listen to Reba McEntire’s “Pray for Peace” once more.On occasion, the world might feel like a ride on a thrill ride.
Watch this appealing woman in a barn performs moo-ving duet with her talented cow
You may have the impression that if you gave a cow the name pf The Buddha, it will be destined for amazingness. When Master The Buddha sings a song with
This woman finds her fascinating match and adopts an amazing 11-year-old senior pup
The main character in this tale is a 100-year-old woman.She made the very noble and responsible decision to act.Additionally, this step involves adopting
These two lions go crazy after getting reunited with the lady who raised them and helped them
When they saw the woman who raised them, a pair of lions went wild in this touching moment.When they were young, the two big cats were abandoned by their
The kind woman built a nice and comfy space for little pups, who can spent their last days in harmony
Dogs are considered to be man’s closest friends.They are reliable, dedicated, and always willing to assist.These animals lavish their owners with affection.
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Bidding farewell is really difficult, particularly when it involves closest mates. Jan Holman adores animals. She had to abandon the animals she adored
This lady’s phone had fallen into the water so here is what amazing dolphin decided to do…
You should be especially careful with your electronics, particularly your phone, when you are at sea because you are less likely to find them if you lose them.
Woman with a strong will made her mind to change herself and her life after receiving constant insults from her husband
Alvina Rain is an American citizen who lives there.She loved fast food, both healthy and unhealthy, because it was the only thing that could lift her out