Daddy wants dachshund puppy off his pillow. She doesn’t think that sounds fun, just look at her innocent face


Cats and dogs are the masters of showing some kind of attitude to their owner or other people. We can even say that cats are the masters of it.

Here is a video where you can see a bulldog that doesn’t want to go to a certain place or to walk in a certain direction. You will never be able to have a bulldog do something that he doesn’t want to.

Then a pooch in this video that gives a run to every other dog for their money.See this dachshund puppy which name is Apple.

She is sitting on a pillow and scratching it while her toy is not six inches away. Her dad tels her to get off the pillow. She gets down and starts lokking at him with an innocent face. Her dad isn’t controlled. Possible he sees this for 20 times a day.

We can say that he is apatient and calm man but maybe he is tired because raising a puppy is really an everyday hard work.

Apple wants to play with the pillow but not with her toys.And when her daddy gets mad she tries the cute eyes deffense mechanism and it works out every time. When her daddy tels her to get off the pillow she leaves it and then goes back to it when notices that he goes to lay down.

Then the man turns off the camera. Hope he will get some sleep.Apple knows that she can get everything with her cute looking eyes. She uses it as much as she needs it.

I would go and pet her head or scoot her off the pillow and give to her owner for him to get some rest. This is called being over patient.

This was just one of those many times that is going to make her sure that she can get everything just with her cute eyes.Apple made me forget that she was being naughty. No one would be able to win over Apple’s charms.


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