If this video doesn’t make you laugh out loud, you’ve missed a good opportunity!


What all of us dream about, right to be young again. Watch the video below and you will see a bunch of people dancing from happiness of being children again.

Keep an eye on the baby with the chocolate milk mustache. They are so cute, you will desire to join them.
This video is done very creatively and is very comical.

In it adults are walking on street when then suddenly they see themselves in the window reflection as children.And, as self- respecting people, they start to dance.

Adult characters interact with their childish selves through danse. And reminds of Charlie Chaplin’s chestnut where Charlie discovers his „independent“ person in the mirror.

This video can brighten anyones day with it’s intersting content. Especially when a nice girl appears in the video with her cute dog. When they come across the magical mirror they are shocked.

The girl becomes an adorable todler and her dog transforms to lovely puppy.So this an Evian water advertisement. And here comes a question:Why does Evian use children to sell its water.

The story goes back to 1935 when only Evian could suggest the best water for babies because of it “pH-neutral mineral composition” — as it was mentioned. Nowadays more mothers trust Evian ang give their bebies only its water.

A video of such kind is about energy, happiness and sharing.You should share this video for others to see and feel that energy and happiness as well.

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