Mackenize, is a blind husky that never gave up and is living her life to the fullest


This is Mackenzie the loveliest husky ever. Her found Mandy Leung, and determined that she should give a safe shelter to her.

At that period dog was only 10-weeks-old and was already sightless in her right eye.

After some time, Mackenzie wasn’t able to see with her left eye as well.

Mackenzie is a real motivation, because she never gave up. Despite health problems she was living her life to the fullest.

Once Leung wrote on her IG account „Adjusting at such an early age created her as a very positive and brave girl.

She lives as a common dog and gets away with fresh areas just excellent.“

Also Leung said that from time to time she doesn’t ecen remember that Mackenize is blind. She looks into her eyes while looking at her.

Mandy is just in love with her. Also she mentioned that Mackenize adores when it snows and she can’t keep her excitement and happinesswhen she feels the snowdrops.

„She can stay outside endlessly if it snows, and she will not think of coming back in for a long time,“ Leung mentioned.

Mackenize is a great example of beauty and strength.

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