This Daddy And Daughter Bulldog First Meeting Will Make You Laugh To Tears


Meet Tosser who is a new dad. He hasn’t met the little one yet. So in this vide we will watch them meeting, him and his daughter for the first time. Like many other first impression videos this may not go the way you expected as well.

The awlwardness between these two is what makes this video extremely funny. We can see the daddy bulldog napping and then out of nowhere appears his daughter and wants to play with him. Tosser acts in the way like he is saying.

“ OMG what should I do now. Is this even my puppy. Oh lets smell. Hmm smells like mine“. This video is priceless.
Two of them continue their bizzar game There are time that will make lough to tears.

AS we can see the people behind the camera were loughing as well so hard that sometimes it seemed that they were going to fall over from not being able to breathe. Eventually the dad gets tired of playing and storms off the camera.

Tosser is like every dad that meets her daughter for the first time wants to play with her but do not know how to do it. They do not know what to do with that little girl. Maybe the dog is thinking.

“ Wait I cannot play rough with her , she is too small. OMG is she barking at, what do I do now? I guess I should just ignore her. Ugh I wish her mommy was here. I am like a single dad. Is she going to be just like me? Thanks God I do not have any baldness in my genes“.

They will make your day. This dad and daughter will make you laugh out loud, Hope everything gets better from now on.

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