101-Year-Old lady adopts oldest cat in the shelter: they are a perfect match


Well you may sometimes consider that only the young and cute pets get their new homes easily, but I’m afraid you are wrong.

Not everyone in this world loves to have the yound companion as there are some people that love making exceptional choices.

So we brought you such kind of story today. So when one family once came to a pet shelter, they made their mind to take the eldest cat,the 19-years-old Gus.

I agree, that you may ask why?

I hope your questions will be answered when you get to know that the cat waschosen by Mrs. Penny, a lady who celebrated her 101st birtday.

This story started one month before Gus was adopted. When he first came to human society of Catawba Country as his previousowner couldn’t afford keeping him anymore.

Gus could take the love of the staff very easily.As Gus was very old, people were sure it‘ s going to be hard for him to find a new family.

To their great surprise he was adopted after few weeks being introduced for adoption.

Gus’s new mom, Mrs Penny, had lost her lovely kitten and wanted an old comany.

The two of them met each other as if it was a destiny to happen.

Gus was a ideal pair for Penny. They found the bond almost instantly, and for Gus it wasn’t hard to get used to his new household.

He loves spending hours with Penny and remaining beside her. Now he lives cheerfully in his new forever house.

Sure you know that it is always hard for old animals to find their fresh homes. But as you can see it was a great luch for both Gus and Penny because both of them are very joyous now.

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