Energetic kittens don’t want their big golden brother to sleep


This is Bailey, the Golden Retriever, who was trying hard to sleep, but all that time two active and restive kittens were on him. All of them were on the soft and comfy bed.

The two kittens were using he immensity of Bailey, who just wanted to sleep peacefully.

One of them had grey skin with black spots and stripes, and the other one was white with orange and black stains.

The grey one was on Bailey’s leg, and the white kitten was biting his paws. Two of them were cuddling with Bailey and gently nibbling on him.

It was clear that Bailey was bothered by the two of them but he was very patient with them.

And they appeared to be grooming him at times.

Bailey was very tolerant and instead of barking and growling he softly changed his postures to get his paw away from them .

It looked as if the grey one understood that they should end, but the white was still playing and getting back to his paw.

For some moment it seemed as if Bailey was getting mad but then he relaxed himself. He couldn’t stay up for too long as his eyes were closing.

Eventually, the little ones were not bothering him and he was able to fall asleep. Bailey yawned widely and fell back to sleep deeply.

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