The vet saved a tiny hedgehog, and it changed his life forever


Massimo Vacchetta is an Italian who dreamed from childhood of becomeing a veterinerian . He wanted to especially help wild animals,because the ones that are at home already hame someone to rely on.

There was a time when he believed that he was a loser. Although his profession was perfect for him he didn’t earn enough money for anything.

But one day when a little hedgehog arrived to his clinic, he found himslef again.

When the little one came to the hospital he weighed only 25 grams and Massimo decided that he should fight for his life.

At that point their friendship started. The both of them really needed each other. For Massiom it seemed that while helping the kido he was doing good for himself.

He didn’t leave the hedgehog even for a second. It appeared to be a girl and he named her Ninna.

For weeks he gave her food, water,nurtured and amused her.

This kind of love and care creted a real miracle.With days Ninna became stronger and happier. She passed her days with the man.

He even took her to the sea.

During time theybonded with each other and Ninna even started recognizing Massimo’s voice.

The diparture was unavoidable. Massimo understood that for Ninna it won’t be good to stay with a human se he took her to a sanctuary for wild animals when Ninna was comletely healthy, so she could be in her natural territory.

Now Ninna is totally free and feels absolutely great.Ninna was a motive for Massimo to find hiself. He founded his own sanctuary where wild animals should get treatment, be protected and also live in the forest as well.

Massimo now felt himself important and happy person after his mission was realized.

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