A man found an abondened and frightened cat under his truck and took her to his house


One of the users of JustAnotherGoodGuy Reddit created his destined and crucial meeting with a terrified kitten. The cat was holding onto a huge goods vehicle next to his working place.

At that moment the man understood that he cannot leave this unsound and imperiled kitten all alone on the streets.

Then the redditor discovered that the mother cat left her kitten and he also added that other kittens were not noticed.

After making his decision the kind guy called his wifey to make sure that he can take this cutie to their place and she said that nobody ever could refuse taking this innocent creature.

This was a new start for the little and innocent kitten.

After some days the man and his wifey took the kitty to the veterinarian.

The vet examined the cat very closely and even vaccinated.

He was named as Alex. The cat was 4 or 5 weeks old the period it was found.

From this time to adoption it will have a forever home and be the happist and safest cat ever.

Alex has some friends in his new family. They are nineteen-years-old cat and a 2-year- old dog. He is now encircled with lots of care and love.

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