Lion and white tigress fall in love –and escaped zoo together


Our Mother Nature is nevermore bored to shock people particularly when it is about bizaar fellowship, and between diverse types of animals. Can you imagine a lion falling in love with a tiger?

This is the last thing, that can cross your mind right? But this is what exactly this story about.

Life for this two wasn’t easy. Cameron, the lion, and Zabu, the pretty white tiger, were placed in bondage at the zoo in New England with the aim to develope and bring to world ligers.

Luckily the couple was saved in 2004. Things were so tough for them at that period. Cameron was around 200Ibs malnourished for a male his age, while Zebu had a genetic defect.

The odd couple is now safe and sound and are enjoying their life together. The rescue group wrote thet when they were rescued, the team built a gigantic common cage for the two of them to share as they are really bonded.

The rescue also told that because of some medical issues, Cameron had two choices, weather to be castrated or eternally departed from his loved one.

The decision was easy.

Though the marvelous lion lost his mane, he could live next to his soulmate freely.

The saviors mentioned that after the operation Cameron’s mood was mellowed intensely and he looked to be much more comfy without added fifteen pounds on hot summer days.

And he became more funny, happy and energetic as he no more had to be anxious about anything going around his surroundings.

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