The dog was devastatingly crying when he realized he was abandoned by his own family


Our story hero is Blue or Blue king. He was adopted from an animal shelter. This dog was fond of his family and he could make the family joyous.

Once the family made their mind to give the dog back to the shelter and leave. And they never had the intention of caming back ever again.

The poor dog started waiting for his family to be back. His eyes were always full of tears but he never lost his hope to see his relatives ever again.

The household team workers gave food to the dog but he refused to eat. He thought of himself as useless thing. And was sure that it was the reason why they left him.

After being abanoned the dog appeared to be in a stressful sitation. He didn’t move his tail and turned away when the shelter workers came to him.

The dog was in a real grief. So the workers decided to put his photo in the social media.
Jeniffer Mckay, a kind woman, decided to adopt him.

She for some time tried her best to make the dog feel lively again.

And also to be able to leave the thought of being abandoned.

The dog now lives cheerfully and energetically. His new family surrounded him with huge love and endless care. They wil never let him cry ever again.

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