Beluga whales are so happy to be released after 10 years of imprisonement


After 10 years of imprisonement, Little Grey and Little White eventually got the opportunity of freedom again.

The moment of these 2 incredible creatures gaining freedom is just magnificant and the smiles on their faces tells everything. It took tones of hard work, kindness and a lot of dedication to save a couple of beluga whales.

For more than nine years these two have been forced to perform in animal shows. They had a tough life since they were very young.

In 2011 they were brought to Russia from Shanghai and ever since they lived in captivity.

After so many years in captivity these two were finally able to taste the fredom again.

This dream became real thanks to the nonstop exertions of the Sea Life Trust animal welfare.

However the two of them won’t be delivered to the see anytime soon.

On the first place, they will go to the first beluga sanctuary in the world.

After some time, pursueing the comprehensive planning and rehearsals, first trial of their delivery back to ocean was very easy as they wished and planned for.

The team said that they are carefully examining Little Grey and Little White.

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