Dog with paralysis slithered to food when woman saw him suffering all alone


Displaced animals have a lot to cope with already. So to find a good household, feed and drink for them isn’t really easy nowadays.

Doing such things can be really troubling for active bovine animals but concieve what it can be for a wounded dog. That would be absurd. A dog, that later was named Kuya Bon, fought till end to stay viable, despite his deffect.

He was dumped, after a car had beaten him.This is a real miracle that he survived.

His previous owner wasn’t even alarmed with a pet that needed so much care and love. All he did just kicked him out, of the only home he had ever been and known.

After some long and gloomy days the dog was spotted by a kind individual. The poor one had to deal with so many rainy and cold days.

A benevolent woman spoted him from a far, and got a hollow of food for Kuya Bon. She came to him for several days.

And wished to understand how serious was the condition of his legs. In the face of his struggles, Kuya Bon, enjoyed his food joyfully. The kind lady gained that the dog needed essential veterinary care.

She did everything to support him.As the woman was expecting for Kuya Bon to have his x-rays done, she phoned the local saviour.

She asked for his assistance, as she wasn’t able to take the dog to her place. But she knew for sure that Kuya Bon cannot go back to street again.

The saviour admitted. As we got to know he is getting his treatment properly. Nobody knows where he will end up, but he will at no time be on the street again.

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