Little koala hugs its unconscious mother during life-saving surgery


Isn’t this the cuttest and the best story ever? Can you imagine? A little koala that was just 6-months-old named Phantom, remained by her mom’s when the latter was having life-worthy operation.

After he was hit by a car in Australia, the mom koala was deteriorating from a busted lung and some face traumas.

As Phantom was too little the medical staff considered that it would be the best for him to remain by the side of his mom.

Phantom gave several cuddles to his mother and it seemed as he was healing Lizzy with his warmth and love.

Phantom’s care gave its tricks.

Luckily Phantom was unharmed.

Phantom is always with Lizzy, his mother, to always make sure that she is safe and sound and good.

And the workers takes a good care for them both not to get stressed out.

And everyday make sure that Phantom feels good as well while being far from his mom.

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