Woman adopts a cat and comes back for his blind brother


Lola Ayers went to a shelter about one year ago, looking for a new fellow. There in the household she saw a kitten named Humphrey. He had a disease during which his eyes were very small .

And then she found out that the kitty had a bro who was also born not normal.

Humphrey was merely blind, but he is extremely adaptable and can use his other feelings to help him move and do things just like any other cat can. Lola fell in love with Humphrey at first sight of him.

She remembered the way he interacted to her and attached to her right away.While filling the forms Lola noted another cat with an eye abnormality.

Then she went home with her new chosen friend. Lola could not stop thinking about th cat she saw in the shelter. So she searched through internet and found out that she was saved by Purr Nation in Woodstock.

She called the shelter and it was shocking for her to find out that that cat she couldn’t stop thinking about was actually Humphry’s birth brother and that he had not found his home yet.

So she wanted to know weather she can adopt the cat or not. The resquers were so happy to hear that. They immideately got through the paperwork. Edgar also had sight problems.

The two bros were finally back with each other in their new place. Humphrey recognised his brother right away. For Edgar it was a little bit hard at first as he had gone through an eye operation.

After some time Edgar started remembering Humphrey, and it seemed as if they haven’t ever been separated.

They are very cute brothers. They adore cuddleing and running around the home and go through troubles together. Edgar and Humphrey are completely inseparable now.

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