A baby wolf was adopted by a woman from a shelter thanks to this woman the wolf is alive as the wolf couldn’t live in the wild


We cannot very often meet a wolf being adopted. So here is a very beautiful and interesting story. The wolf’s name was Kira. Kira’s mother left her when she was just a 3-year-old baby.

On her 28th day she was adopted by a russian girl named Alida and was made domestic.

Kira was born in the nursery and was fed milk by hands. There were people in her company always. Kira is very kind and gentle and is not able to hurt anybody.She was in many places.

Alida took the wolf and made her sociable and able to live around people.

Wolves face difficulties when they meet new things. But Alida does everything for her not to afraid from anything.

Kira is one year old now and is very friendly with the son of the woman. Her is 7 years old.

When people see the smart wolf they want to make sure that she is not wild. Thanks to Alindas hard work the wolf became domestic.

Kira is very kind and calm. She even feels whem someone is frightened and doesn’t come close.

She is calm when dogs approach her. Kira is loved and cared.

Alinda tries her best to make wolf’s life interesting and joyous. She is always in the centre of attention.

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