A dog who was falling from the ninth floor was rescued by a kind passerby


The dog named Mal was playin in the balcony of the ninth floor. The puppy was rescued from falling by a kind-hearted passerby. This man appeared in a proper place at a proper time.

This man heard some noices coming from the ninth floor. Up there the dog was barking. Man’s name was Joao Augusto, he saw that the dog was about to fall and he immediately went to Paulo Narciso the building caretaker.

Unluckily there was a little time left. They needed some sheet and towel to catch the falling pup safely.
Paulo acted very quickly. Luckily he could catch the falling dog Mel.

Dog fell asleep and fell from 100ft.
This man is a real life saviour. He is a real superhero as he rescued the dog from falling on the ground.

Watch the heroic scene in the video:

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