A mother deer heard a baby crying and instantly rushed to rescue him


We all know that little babies have no excuses when they want to cry. Sometimes even their mother cannot relax them. Hannah Burton, had the same problem.

She was trying her best to comfort a crying baby, Charlie.

Charlie was on a blanket on the balcony. His mother was trying to sooth him, but in vain. And suddenly an unexpected guest came up.

A wild deer appeared out of the bushes and walked straight to Hannah and Charlie. She immediadely got why the animal came and tried to explain her that everything was okay.

Probably, the maternal instinct made the deer behave that way. She was very panicky and she was trying to help.

But Hannah explained her that it was her child and she is taking care of him. She is going to cuddle him in her own deer-like way.

Hannah took a few pretty photos and posted them on internet. There were both positive and negative comments.

Many people didn’t like that she was busy with her phone while her baby was crying.

Just a few minutes pased Charlie fell asleep on the same balcony.

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