Newborn kitten has been revived after being frozen and grows up to be strong girl


On one common evening a lady was out scrolling with her pup when she noted a little 1-day-old kittens in the bush. The kittens were so cold, so small ans so fragile.

They could’t even keep their head up. There wasn’t any sign of their mom.

The woman instantly called for a saving shelter. They called Nikki Martinez, a foster mother: she came to purge the kittens.

After getting the call Nikki and her spouse came immediately to the place, took the kittens, and tried to warm them up in their car.

Cats were just one year old at that time so the couple was really worried about the future condition and survival of kittens.

Luckily, babies started getting better. The cuple felt joyous. They took them home and looked after them back to well being. The family decided to rescue their lives.

Bagel, one of the kiddos,needed more attention than the other ones.

For days she wasn’t eating anything and began to lose weight right away.

Nikki and her husband were so decisive that they never gave up, in the face of hardships with Bagel. They did everything possible to ensure her survival.

Fortunately Bagel grew up a strong girl and is now searching for her forever home and family.

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