The starving cougar finds his way to animal rehab on right time to be saved


We have always learned that wild animals never like to be around people. However the hero of our story, a sweet cougar was seeking for people. She was looking for help and saviour.

Weeks ago in Texas people heard a cougar roaming in their place. When they looked her closer they found out that she was injured.

The wild animal knew where she was heading. Rescuers understood the she was starving. No one was sure wether she was going to survive or not. Everyone thought that she was going to die.

Luckily, being surrounded by kindhearted and caring people she was saved. Her life was so precious and important to them. The pretty feline’s life is now safe and she is recovering.

At first when the cougar came to the center it was obvious for all that she was going to die. Despite all the hardship the volunteers decided to do their best.

Since she is too young, she won’t be released to the wild. And her treatment is in process.

No one exactly knows her story. Probably her mother left and she couldn’t bear the hardness of loneliness. She was not able to take care of herself all alone. But luckily she is surrounded with people that are always ready to help.

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