Nicole Graham stayed with his horse stuck in the mud until rescuers arrived


Nicole Graham was having a great time when this terrible case took place. The horse and she got stuck in the mud. The horse was in the mud with his all body up to his neck.

Incident happened because a tied rose at that time. Nicole stayed with her horse till the rescuer’s team came. Both of them struggled.

The horse’s name was Astro. He and her owner stayed in the mud for almost three hours waiting for the rescuers to come.

All of this happened in Australia. Astro was set free through a tractor. The rescuers got him out with the help of harness.

When the front legs of the horse were freeed from the mud he was trying himself to het out of the thick mud. Mrs Graham was trying to calm her horse.

Thanks to quick actions and well thinking both the woman and the horse were saved. This is such a heart warming scene. Everyone was doing their best to set them free.

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