The dog jumped from joy when recognized his owner after a long time


A very young puppy was placed in an animal shelter. But she was a little bit different from her other pet dogs. They always do everything to get to customer’s attention. And they appreciate very much the sanctuary personnel and their care.

Roscoe was very different from others. He was very unsociable and didn’t communicate with anyone in the household. And he was not expecting anything from others.

If Roscoe had actually been mistreated, such habits would have been natural, but volunteers worked at this sanctuary, that were brought in to this activity, as they loved pets very much.

If it was a problem of mistreatment that would be understood. But each of them working there loved their jobs and pets very much that’s why they worked there.

The whole staff understood that there was something unusual about the dog so they decided to do something special for him.

They uploaded the photo of him in the social media.

An amazing thing occured. One of the farmers of the closest town saw the article and announced that Roscoe looked very alike to his dog that was shed 3 years ago.

And the owner said that he was searching for a family pet but in vain.

When the man finally got into the sanctuary and entered the room suddenly the pet started to smell. After that he started gladly tossing himself at his feet, ran in circles and wag his tail.

In all that time being in the shelter nobody saw him in taht condition. The man couldn’t stop sobbing when he saw that the puppy recognized him.

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