Two dogs were seen to protect the blind old woman lying in the muddy bank of the river


Dogs love unconditinally. They never care what kind of profession or occupation their owner has. They are always ready to stand by their side and support them in any kind of situation.

Pauppies are really a good and loyal fellows of human being. And they don’t ever care what history their owner has.

Ake Srisuwan from Thailand, posted emotional pictures on her social media account. In the picture two dogs were guarding a woman who was sleeping on the bank of the river.

As the river was very muddy dogs were looking to this direction very attentively.Some time after the man came closer to see whether the was was breathing or not.

The puppies won’t go away even in that case. They were completely covered in mud, but they didn’t care. They were just waiting.

When Ake searched for some information about the woman as he was worried why the woman did so.

He found out that she was homeless and might be drunk.

Also it appeared that the woman was blind.

People also mentioned that no matter where the woman was going the pups were always by her side. The woman had no clue how she appeared to sleep on the bank of the river. Ake sent them to hospital, to get proper treatment.

The protective attitude and unconditional love of this dog towards their animal was so touching and beautiful.

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