Unconditional love loyal dog refuses to leave mom’s side after saving her life


Dogs have always been considered the most loyal and trustworthy animals in this world. Thi stheory is proved by a picture that has gone viral lately. A service puppy didn’t want to leave her mother in the hospital room.

An awesome bond was created when Shauna decided to adopt a pup and she was sure that it would help her to win over her anxiety. She wasn’t wrong at all.

When she met Ruby for the first time it was an immediate love. Shauna won a true buddy when she found Ruby.

While Ruby was excercising to be a service dog she did everything to gain attention from Shauna. She was acting very funny.

Ruby is like a guardian angel. She is there for her every minute. Ruby always checks her mommys blood pressure and heart rate as she has a serious heart condition as well.

She also helps her mommy during her panick attacks and can carry groceries or dropped items.

When Shauna passes out Ruby gets on top of her, licks her untill she comes around.Some days ago, Ruby literally saved Shauna’s life. She was trying to worry her mom that something is wrong.

And as always Ruby was right. She was going to have a heart attack. By the time the ambulance got there she was pain and hardly concious.

Shauna said that she wouldn’t be alive if there wasn’t Ruby. Thanks to her loyal and loveable dog Shauna survived. But the puppy’s loyality doesn’t end there. Ruby refused to leave her momma’s side when she was in the clinic .

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