A little boy saves money to buy a pet for him but his grandparents make a surprise for him


Meet this cute boy. His name is Xander Mellor and he is six years old. The story we are going to tell today is about him and an exciting incident of his life.

This boy has always dreamed of having a good pet as his best friend. We can say that it was one of his biggest dreams.

So every time his mother came back home from work he asked for her change. Xander was aving money to buy a pet dog.

And he never stoped hoping and believing that some day he is going to have is own puppy. He gathered money for almost 18 weeks.

He had a jar exactly where he kept all his money. One day his grandparents heard about his biggest desire. So what they did? Of course they made their mind realizing the boys dream.

So they decided to make a surprise for their lovely boy. They adopted a little pup for him. Xander was so excited and happy that was not able to control his emotions.

He had a thankful and pleased face expression. After some time he started to cry as a sign of joy and happiness.

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